RX4 RFID Okuyucu Modül / USB
RX4 RFID Okuyucu Modül / USB
RX4 RFID Okuyucu Modül / USB
RX4 RFID Okuyucu Modül / USB

RX4 RFID Okuyucu Modül / USB (553)

İndirim Oranı : %25 İndirim
Fiyat : 355.00$  + KDV
İndirimli : 265.00$  + KDV

RX4 RFID Okuyucu Modül / USB


Ultra low power consumption, compact and mini-sized.



Data Terminal
Fixed Reader


Mechanical Parameters

Dimensions: 28*25*3.5mm


Electrical Parameters

Input Voltage: DC 3.5V~5V
Operating Current: 150mA @ 5V (26 dBm Output,25°C), 110mA @ 5V (18 dBm Output,25°C)
Standby Mode Current: <80mA
Baud Rate: 115200 bps( default and recommended),38400 bps


Communication Interface

Serial Port: Uart 3.3V
GPIO: 2 Input, 2 Outputs


Application Environment

Operating Temp: -20℃~+70℃
Storage Temp: -20℃~+85℃
Humidity: 5%RH~95%RH(non-condensing)
Protection Grade: IP53
Heat Dissipation: Air cooling



Protocol: EPC Global UHF Class 1 Gen 2/ ISO 18000-6C
Frequency: 865~868MHz / Optional 902~928MHz
Output Power: 18~26dbm
Peak Inventory Speed: >50pcs/s
UHF Antenna: 2dbi ceramic antenna
Read Distance: 80~300cm 
Tag Buffer Mode: 200 pcs @ 96 bit EPC
Output Power Precision: +/- 1dB
Output Power Flatness: +/- 0.2dB
Sensitivity: <-70dBm
Tag RSSI: Support


Supported Regions: 

China, Korea, Malaysia, Japan
US, Canada and other regions following U.S. FCC
Europe and other regions following ETSI EN 302 208


Data Sheet - RX4 RFID Okuyucu Modül

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