M7 RFID Laundry Tag
M7 RFID Laundry Tag
M7 RFID Laundry Tag
M7 RFID Laundry Tag
M7 RFID Laundry Tag

M7 RFID Laundry Tag (M7)

İndirim Oranı : %23 İndirim
Fiyat : 3.75$  + KDV
İndirimli : 2.90$  + KDV

Min. 300 Yıkama, 120 Bar basınca dayanıklı 


M7 RFID Laundry Tag




Max.Temperature Exposure: 220°C (392°F) |30Seconds | 2.5 bars(36,28PSI)
Washing: 100°C (194°F) | 60minutes 120Bar
Pre-Drying in Tumbler: 160°C (320°F) | 30minutes
Tunnel Finisher: 185°C (365°F) | 30minutes
Sterilization Process: 134°C (273°F) | 20minutes
Water Extractor Press: 120bars
Waranty: 300cycles or 3years




Frequency: UHF 860-960MHz
Dimension (+/-5%): SEWING:20mm x 87mm SACK:18mm x 87mm, 15mmx87mm Mini :20mm x 60mm
Thickness (+/-5%): 0.9mm (on chip location only ) ;0.6mm(rest of tag)
Reading Range: 6m by ARFID’s Handset in bath towel test ,8m by Moto RFID PDA
Group Read: 1000pcs
Storage Conditions: 25°C/77°F , 50%RH


Chip Specifications


ePC Gen2 , ISO 18000-6C, UCODE 8/8m NXP
Up to 128-bit of EPC memory
96-bit EPC
96-bit Tag IDentifier (TID) factory loc
48-bit unique serial number factory-encoded into TID
32-bit User Memory (UCODE 7m Only)
32-bit kill password to permanently disable the tag ;32-bit access password ;
Product Status Flag bit: enables the UHF RFID tag to be used as EAS
Wide operating temperature range: -40°C up to +85°C


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